After an entire day exploring the city of Frankfurt,my partner had made a dinner reservation at Ebbolwei unser.

When we got there,we were the only customers at the restaurant.I guess he reserved the whole place for us lol!The server brought two menus,one in German and the other in English.


The main reason we came to this restaurant was to try the Apfelwein.It is really famous in Frankfurt.Apfelwein, or Viez or Most are German words for cider. It is made from a mix of sour tasting apples, such as “Bohnapfel” or “Speierling”, respectively. It has an alcohol content of 4.87.0% and a tart, sour taste.


We had a starter and the green sauce was recommended to me for my main meal.

Frankfurt Green Sauce is served cold over hard-boiled eggs and boiled potatoes. It is made of seven different kinds of herbs: borage, chervil, cress, parsley, salad burnet, sorrel and chives. The most famous myth is that green sauce was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s favourite dish, invented by his mother.

Green sauce

I really enjoyed my meal,it was very delicious.Just an additional detail if you visit this restaurant,they only accept cash payment.My overall experience was lovely, the ambience was great,delicious food,I also enjoyed the Apfelwein and good service.It also has a rustic theme.I’m enthusiastic to visit again someday. Thank you for your time dear reader,until next time!





It was a fresh kinda morning, the weather was gloomy but we had to make the best out of our day.We had planned to go to Frankfurt.It was lovely to see the landscape during our drive there.I only landed at the airport and I didn’t see much,I was really excited to explore the city.


St. Catherine’s Church (GermanKatharinenkirche) is the largest Protestant church in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is a parish church in the old city centre near one of the most famous city squares, the Hauptwache.The church is dedicated to the martyred early Christian saint Catherine of Alexandria.

St.Catherine’s church

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was baptized at this simple church in downtown Frankfurt. The baroque church was constructed in 1678-1681 on the remains of what used to be a monastery. It was completely destroyed and rebuilt shortly after World War II, although the splendid interior decor could not be restored. The outside of the building is now all that is left of this great church. Today, the church works to support the homeless, who come here for shelter and a warm meal.

Goethe memorial

The Goethe memorial on Goetheplatz in Frankfurt am Main is a work by the sculptor Ludwig Schwanthaler . It was inaugurated on October 22, 1844. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe , born in Frankfurt in 1749, is considered the city’s most important son. Even during his lifetime he was glorified as the German national poet . It was considered a symbol of German unification . Frankfurt was the first city in which a public Goethe monument was erected in his honor. There had already been several monument projects in Frankfurt since 1819.

St.Pauls church

Consecrated in 1833, this church served as the seat for the first German national assembly in 1848, which in turn provided the basis for Germanys present-day constitution. Today, the site hosts award presentations as well political and cultural events.

There was a protest in this area but we came back later on when it was less crowded and took some pictures.

The historical old town centre, including its splendid half-timbered houses, was rebuilt according to the original plans in 1986.

It now represents a classic example of the traditional half-timbered architectural style of times gone by. Every single house bears its own name. In the 17th century, the corner house, named “Grosser Engel”, became the home of Frankfurt’s first bank.

Frankfurt Cathedral
Frankfurt Cathedral

Frankfurt Cathedral, officially Imperial Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew is a Roman Catholic Gothic church located in the centre of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is dedicated to Saint Bartholomew. It is the largest religious building in the city and a former collegiate church. Despite its common English name, it has never been a true cathedral, but is called the Kaiserdom or simply the Dom due to its importance as former election and coronation church of the Holy Roman Empire. As one of the major buildings of the Empire’s history, it was a symbol of national unity, especially in the 19th century. The present church building is the third church on the same site. Since the late 19th century, excavations have revealed buildings that can be traced back to the 7th century. The history is closely linked with the general history of Frankfurt and Frankfurt’s old town because the cathedral had an associated role as the religious counterpart of the Royal Palace in Frankfurt.

Eiserner steg

We went to the Eiserner steg and as a hopeless romantic,I loved this spot.There were tons of padlocks,with different colors and designs which represents union between lovers and a beautiful view of the skyline.

The Eiserner Steg is a footbridge spanning the river Main in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, which connects the centre of Frankfurt with the district of Sachsenhausen. The first wrought iron bridge was built in 1868. It was replaced in 1911/1912 by a slightly larger cantilever bridge.

One of the most popular photo spots with an excellent view of Frankfurt’s skyline.

This famous iron and concrete footbridge, crossed by over 10,000 pedestrians every day, connects the city centre and R繹merberg with Sachsenhausen on the southern banks of the Main River.

The neo-Gothic-style bridge was built in 1869 according to the plans of Peter Schmick, going through several changes and modifications since then, the last of which took place in 1993.

Beautiful view

At some point it started drizzling but I had a wonderful day and ended it with a lovely dinner in the city before we headed home.Thank you for your time dear reader.See you on the next one.




Hey there reader!Happy new month,I hope you are all doing well.Today I would love to tell you about the last place I went to in Berlin.

It was a beautiful morning and the sun was out.Final day in Berlin and I went to Bavaria Berlin restaurant.They have a sitting area both,inside and outside.It is also near the Memorial of the Jews and in a good location.

I sat inside and I really liked the interior and how nice it looked.I was only there for a short stop and I had a cappuccino.


The waiter was friendly and the ambience was beautiful.I’m enthusiastic to visit again and try their food.Overall,I had a good experience.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram please do,It’s @nicoleochieng.Thank you for your time.See you on the next one!




Descending a long hill dominated by a giant statue of Hercules, the monumental water displays of Wilhelmsh繹he were begun by Landgrave Carl of Hesse-Kassel in 1689 around an east-west axis and were developed further into the 19th century. Reservoirs and channels behind the Hercules Monument supply water to a complex system of hydro-pneumatic devices that supply the sites large Baroque water theatre, grotto, fountains and 350-metre long Grand Cascade. Beyond this, channels and waterways wind across the axis, feeding a series of dramatic waterfalls and wild rapids, the geyser-like Grand Fountain which leaps 50m high, the lake and secluded ponds that enliven the Romantic garden created in the 18th century by Carls great-grandson, Elector Wilhelm I. The great size of the park and its waterworks along with the towering Hercules statue constitute an expression of the ideals of absolutist Monarchy while the ensemble is a remarkable testimony to the aesthetics of the Baroque and Romantic periods.

Bergpark Wilhelmsh繹he

When we arrived all I could say to myself was indeed,dreams do come true.I had saved images on my vision board of this park, and I was standing right there.Wow!

There was construction ongoing at the Museum and we had a photo session before exploring the rest of the huge park.It was mostly me,I’m the photogenic one lol!

Hey hey

We first went to the large greenhouse.It is made of glass and filigree iron which is impressive. It was built in 1788-1855 to cultivate valuable tropical plants lateral expanded between 1886-1888.


During the winter months, frost-sensitive plants that can be traced back to Wilhelm’s time – and are therefore “historical” – are kept in the greenhouse.You can admire a sea of colors of orchids, palm trees, camellias, bananas and other exotic plants that give off a touch of spring atmosphere already in December. In the spring, after the ice saints, the plants are literally put out into the air according to the old model.

The flowers were so beautiful and colourful.The chirping birds made it even more dreamy.It’s divided into different parts and you have to walk through the doors.

We went up the hill to L繹wenburg castle.The L繹wenburg is located in the middle of the Wilhelmsh繹he mountain park.The artificial castle ruins of the L繹wenburg are located in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Bergpark Wilhelmsh繹he. From a distance it looks like a romantic knight’s castle from the Middle Ages. However, it was only built between 1793 and 1801. Landgrave Wilhelm IX. von Hessen-Kassel did not have the castle built as a fortress, but as a pleasure palace.

We went to a higher ground to get a better view before going around it.

A maze

We went inside this maze and found a lovely spot.I can imagine how beautiful it would look if it was all green.

To get to the next stop we had to go up a hill and I wasn’t ready.I can’t count how many times I stopped to catch my breath and I think I need to start working out lol!

Before we got there,we had a short stop at a waterfall.I had fun taking more pictures to document my experience.

Caught unawares

The hiking continued and it also included a lot of stairs so I had to mentally prepare for it.We finally arrived after motivations and catching breaths.

Hercules Monument

A steely charcoal pyramidal structure rising from the dense green thickets, the Hercules monument is a historical landmark in Kassel, Germany. The imposing monument includes an octagon on top of which sits a pyramid and an impressive copper statue of Hercules. The monument, which can be found in Bergpark Wilhelmsh繹he, was designed by Giovanni Francesco Guerniero and built between the years of 1701 and 1717.

We had to go up 200 steps to the top and the view was stunning of the surrounding area.The monument is the tallest spot in the park.The park including the monument is a dedicated UNESCO world heritage site.

Look at that view!

We made it and I was in awe.The view was spectacular.It was worth the hiking and going up the stairs.

Going down wasn’t a task and we went to the Devil’s bridge.The small wrought iron bridge spans across a waterfall. The river then bends around to the right, and there are trees to either side.Bergpark Wilhelmsh繹he near Kassel was the summer residence of Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany.

Devil’s Bridge

The Aqu瓣dukt was built in 1792 under the direction of the architect Heinrich Christoph Jussow. The building originally served to transport water. It has 14 arches in total, then the Aqu瓣duct breaks off abruptly after the last arch. The incoming water falls 43 meters down onto the debris of the water pipe lying there. These give the impression that they have fallen from a once undamaged building.The dramatic effect achieved in this way really captivated me.


I hope you enjoyed this post,don’t forget to follow,like and comment down below.See you on the next one.




Orangire kassel

After breakfast at caf癡 immer so,my partner took me for therapy.Retail therapy to be precise lol!We went to Zara and later to get new sneakers from Sidestep which are my current favorite.

We walked towards the park and had a short stop close to the Museum for a few pictures.I was cold but I could still afford a smile.I have a very funny photographer so it’s never a dull moment.


We got to Karlsaue park.The view was breathtaking and I was in awe.From up here,I could see the Orangire castle and I had a beautiful view of the park. I wasn’t aware when this photo was taken and I love it very much.

We walked down the staircase and headed towards the castle.

Cherry trees

The Orangerie is an Orangery in Kassel, Hesse, Germany. It was built under Landgrave Charles between 1703 and 1711. Since then, it forms the northern corner of the Karlsaue park. Today it is used as an astronomy and physical cabinet.

I was told an interesting story about the tree above and if I share it,I’ll ruin the fun.

Hello ducks

The memorial in the Karlsaue (officially ” Memorial to the fallen and victims of the First and Second World Wars ” and at the time of its creation ” Kurhessian Memorial “) was erected to commemorate the fallen soldiers of the First World War . It is located on a slope on the edge of the Kasseler Karlsaue and connects it with the street “Sch繹ne Aussicht”. The facility was officially inaugurated in 1928. After the Second World War , those who died were also included in the commemoration.

We went up the stairs and headed to the Pickaxe.

The pickaxe, or Spitzhacke was sponsored jointly by the international art exhibition Documenta and the city of Kassel, Germany, with the understanding that, following the exhibition, the sculpture would remain in place as part of the citys collection of public works.

We also went up to the roof of the Grimmwelt.The view from up there was amazing.


On this particular day the flower garden was closed and we went back on Sunday.

The botanical highlight of the park is Siebenbergen island at its southwest end. Redesigned by court gardener Hentze in 1822, it is a well-tended botanical jewel with a large variety of shrubs, herbaceous perennials, bushes and flowers which is worth seeing throughout the seasons. Two peacocks walk proudly through the vegetation.I managed to see one and it’s really beautiful.

Hello peacock

It was the beginning of spring and it was lovely to see different types of flowers and beautiful colors on them.It was still early in the season and most of the flowers were still developing and I’m glad I managed to see some.

I really loved this view point, we sat there for a moment and it’s special to me.I appreciate being in the company of an intelligent person, I learnt a lot from him and enjoyed myself at the same time.I’ll definitely visit again someday during summer to see the flowers in full form.

Overall,I had a wonderful experience and although I hadn’t been to most places in Kassel ,I loved what I had seen so far.It’s a beautiful city and it’s known for it’s documenta for art exhibition.Not forgetting the Bergpark Wilhelmsh繹he which was next.I’m looking forward to share more with you.I truly hope you enjoyed this post,see you on the next one!


My favourite view



I really enjoy breakfast dates and I’m glad my partner took me to this particular place.We went to Caf癡 immer so for breakfast before going to Karlsaue park.

It is at a good location in the centre.When I walked in, I felt at home.The smell of coffee,so fresh and aromatic. There was also a selection of fresh cakes.The decor was my kind of vibe and the color palette was amazing.

We got to our table and the menu was in german,it’s the case in most places we went to.My german isn’t perfect but my partner always helped.Even when we order differently,we always share our meals.I opted for a hot chocolate and sandwiches and he had a tea with a platter.We also got bread.

Other than the beautiful ambience and good food,I liked the customer service and I’m enthusiastic to visit again.




Ola!My adventures in Germany continues.I left Berlin and went to Kassel.Our Monday morning started off with breakfast at the Istanbul B瓣ckerei.I had a coffee with pide. I also got to try a Baklava.It was a good breakfast.

We left town and drove around 1 hour 45 minutes.It was a lovely drive through the landscape and some green fields.The weather was also perfect.We finally arrived in WALDECK and began our activities of the day.

The Edersee Dam is a hydroelectric dam spanning the Eder river in northern Hesse, Germany. Constructed between 1908 and 1914, it lies near the small town of Waldeck at the northern edge of the Kellerwald. Breached by allied bombs during World War II, it was rebuilt during the war, and today generates hydroelectric power and regulates water levels for shipping on the Weser river.

Edersee dam

From the dam,you could see the Schl繹ss Waldeck.This was our next stop.The mode of transport to the place was a surprise.I really didn’t expect this and it was fun!

Castle Waldeck rests on the remnants of an 11th-century fortification, towering over the town of Waldeck, in the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg in Hessen (Germany). The castle is situated in the north of the Kellerwald-Edersee nature reserve, 120 metres above the Edersee’s north shore, on a steep, wooded rock close to the centre of the halftimbered town of Waldeck. What better place to take in the beautiful scenery!

Formerly the ancestral seat and residence of the Counts of Waldeck, the fortification was later used as military barracks. In 1734 it was a state penitentiary, and in subsequent years was used as state archive, forestry office, and, as early as 1906, was put to use as a hotel. Today it belongs to the Waldeckian domanial administration and is public property.

In September 2009, the hotel subsidiary manufacturing company reopened the redesigned ‘Hotel Schloss Waldeck’.

Growing up,I read a lot of story books and even though most of them were fictional,there was always a princess in a castle.I was the Princess that day!

cannon and powder tower
The pillory is a device made of a wooden or metal framework erected on a post, with holes for securing the head and hands, formerly used for punishment by public humiliation and often further physical abuse.
Beautiful view
Next point was up that small hill

Before going up the view point,I made a wish here.

I know it will come true

The last place we went to was the Wildpark Edersee.The park is really big and I got to see a lot of different animals and birds. The wolf was my highlight, I’ve never seen one before.

I’m really happy to have seen this side of the country. It was so peaceful, serene and beautiful.Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this and I learnt a lot too.

View from the park





Hello everyone,welcome to my new post.

The adventure continues…

On this day,I woke up early to catch the sunrise and got ready to experience Berlin alone.I had a few places I wanted to visit and document.I love history, and I totally looked forward to the day.

Hey beautiful

On arrival,I took the bus 100 that would take me around the places I wanted to visit.I got off the bus and walked towards the VICTORY COLUMN.

Victory column

I didn’t stay long because I could see a place saved on my Pinterest vision board from a distance and I really wanted to be there.I also got to see the Soviet War Memorial Tiergarten.It commemorates the Red Army soldiers who fought and fell in the battle for Berlin in 1945.

Soviet War Memorial Tiergarten

The place on my Pinterest board is The Bradenburger Tor.The Gate is one of the most iconic sights in Berlin. More than just Berlins only surviving historical city gate, this site came to symbolise Berlins Cold War division into East and West and, since the fall of the Wall, a reunified Germany. Architecturally, the sandstone Brandenburg Gate also represents one of the earliest and most attractive examples of a neo-classical building in Germany.

On the top is a bronze sculpture of a Quadriga – a chariot drawn by four horses abreast,with Victory as the triumphant woman driving it.I had no idea about this and the history behind it but a little bird taught me.

Brandenburger tor

I packed my tripod but didn’t use it at all in my trip lol! but I saw a girl with her mother and asked her nicely to take a photo of me.Thanks stranger!

You can tell how happy I was

Next stop was the Reichstag.The Reichstag building with the famous glass dome is one of the most frequently visited sights in Berlin. The Reichstag is a historic building in Berlin which houses the Bundestag, the lower house of Germany’s parliament. It was constructed to house the Imperial Diet of the German Empire. It was opened in 1894 and housed the Diet until 1933, when it was severely damaged after being set on fire.


After this walk,I had nowhere specific to go but I found myself somehow in a different street with more architecture.




I visited Berlin again and I managed to pass by the MEMORIAL TO THE MURDERED JEWS OF EUROPE ,also known as the Holocaust Memorial, is a memorial in Berlin to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Memorial of the murdered Jews of Europe
Fernsehturm Berlin
Brandenburger tor

I experienced this and so much more.I am beyond grateful to go to places I only read about in history classes and dreamt of.I hope to visit again and explore more.I hope you enjoyed this post.Kindly don’t forget to follow,like and comment down below.It helps to build my blog.



Photos courstesy:Nicole Ochieng


Guten morgen!

Hello everyone,welcome to my new post.I’m so excited to share with you my recent travel experience so let’s get right into it.

Brandenburg tor

I have always dreamt of visiting Europe and most especially Germany.This was my first visa application at the embassy and I got it in three days!I felt so much joy and gratitude to finally get an opportunity to bring my dreams to reality.

I really struggle with packing,I can’t tell how many times I packed and unpacked and packed again lol!

D-day finally came and I left home and headed to the airport.My flight was from Nairobi to Frankfurt and transit via Cairo.I checked in,dropped my suitcase,went through immigration and finally boarded.

I loved this combination of the moon and sunrise!
Cairo from above

Cairo looked spectacular and I hope to visit someday.We finally landed and I got on the next flight to Frankfurt.I felt elated.

Almost there!

I kept watching through the window,how beautiful the landscape is.The closer we got,the more nervous I became.

We’re here!

We finally landed and I had to catch a train to Berlin where I spent my first week.All in all,it was a long day and I was happy to be there regardless of how tired I felt.I also got to watch a beautiful sunset during my train ride.

Frankfurt Airport

I arrived in Berlin and I had a two days rest before exploring.I will tell you more about my adventures in the next posts.

I hope you enjoyed this read,kindly don’t forget to follow,like and leave a comment below.



Images courtesy:Nicole Ochieng


Ola everyone!

It’s been a busy time adulting and I got an opportunity to catch up with my friend Beryl to celebrate her birthday.

I got off from work and I left to the CBD to meet her so we could head to our destination together.The original plan was to go Go karting, bowling and other activities but it got late and we spontaneously decided to have a dinner date.

We arrived at Village Market and had a little orientation, it’s been a year since I was there.We decided to have dinner at Karel T-Lounge.The first time I was there was in 2018.

The place wasn’t crowded and I requested to take a few pictures as we waited for our food.

Here’s some of the shots I took of both the ground floor and first floor areas.




Our drinks were brought and we were offered grissini breadsticks on the house and different sauces while we waited for the main course.

Grissini breadsticks and Cosmopolitan

I ordered grilled chicken breast with vegetables and french fries,Beryl had a well done grilled beef steak,vegetables and fries.She also had a mocktail.We enjoyed our meals and drinks.

Grilled chicken breast
Grilled steak

The staff were super friendly and the manager always checked to make sure we were having a wonderful experience. He mentioned they have a live Jazz performance on Saturday and you can call,reserve a table and enjoy!

I had a great experience and would definitely visit again.

I enjoy spending time with my friends whenever I can to catch up and make new memories. I’m looking forward to many more great times.

It was indeed a perfect evening,full of laughter,food, drinks,great service and in a beautiful restaurant.

That’s all for now my loves and I hope you enjoyed this post.Cheers!

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